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The Genie House Call providescity-subsidized professional in-home energy/water assessments. A specially trained building science expert will use diagnostic testing equipment to evaluate your “building envelope” and measure the performance of your home as a system. You’ll even receive free energy and water conservation devices! Learn and see things about your home that you never knew.

The above U.S. Department of Energy video highlights some of the services included in the Home Efficiency Genie’s Comprehensive House Call.

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Utility Bill Analysis

A complimentary service, this package includes:

  • Over-the-phone review of your utility bill and historical consumption patterns for water, gas and electric services.
  • Learn about ways to reduce your bills and improve the comfort and efficiency of your home.
  • Help prioritizing cost effective home efficiency improvements.
  • Answer questions about your home and get tips based on results from similar homes.
  • Assistance with other City of Palo Alto Utilities programs.
  • Ongoing and unbiased third party support.

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Get to the bottom of your high utility bills and uncomfortable rooms. Your Energy Advisor takes a consultative approach to learn about your home efficiency concerns and goals and utilizes historical utility data to customize an energy action plan. Learn how your home is performing, and start saving today.

Basic Assessment

Valued at over $800, this package includes:

  • FREE efficiency items, including six LED bulbs, high efficiency showerhead, faucet aerators and more.
  • Overview of historical consumption patterns for water, gas and electric services.
  • Efficiency Assessment of:
    • HVAC system(s)
    • Domestic hot water system(s)
    • Attic, floor, and wall insulation
    • Lighting efficiency
    • Windows
    • Major appliances
  • Building leakage testing utilizing diagnostic equipment

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The Basic Assessment is a simpler version of the comprehensive assessment and does not include a duct leakage test or infrared camera scan. While these tests are important in determining your home’s energy waste, the Basic Assessment is a great option if your home doesn’t have a ducted heating and cooling distribution system.

Comprehensive Assessment

Valued at over $1,000, this package includes:

  • Everything included in the Basic Assessment plus:
    • Duct leakage testing and demonstration
      • Determine if your duct system is wasting valuable energy through leaks and/or disconnected distribution lines. On average, a typical California home wastes 30% of conditioned air due to leaky ducts.
  • Infrared Camera scan and demonstration.
    • A full infrared scan of your home allows us to see through your walls and pinpoint exactly where your home is wasting energy. 

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The comprehensive assessment offers the best value and is our most popular assessment. Whole house diagnostic testing, duct leakage calculations, and infrared camera scans provide a comprehensive view into your home's performance. Let us pin-point exactly where your home is losing energy.